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Carp fish benefits and features

carp fish benefits

freshwater fish carp

Carp benefits and features are not sea fish

carp, which is a freshwater fish in lakes and streams

It is a fish that does not die immediately when it comes out of a lake or stream.

I would leave a big legine in it, put fresh water in it, and put the fish in it.

Of course, life in fresh water must be for fish.

carp fish have lots of scales, do not cook without removing the scales

because they have very large scales, you cannot consume the fish

because of your money The lakes in Turkey are also abundant fish.

freshwater golden fish at the bottom of rivers and streams

newly hatched larvae insects feed on worms

A carp is a fish that lives between 35 and 50 years.

It is a fish weighing from 2 kilos to 40 kilos.

Among the fish living in fresh waters in the world

Coming from the lakes in Anatolia, Aegean and Marmara

golden fishes decorating the fish stalls

carp with hard awn

as a fisherman i got a lot of time stamp and bone

The fish was divided into 4 parts, floured, left in the pan, cooked in low or high oil and served.

sometimes the customer gets it cleaned and takes it home.

Carp, the sweetest fish, at work, waiting to be cleaned

carp fish benefits

  1. nourishes the stomach
  2. good for immunity
  3. prevent getting sick
  4. nourishes blood cells
  5. calms and protects nerves
  6. fish that feeds the brain
  7. opens the cerebral vessels
  8. meat contains vitamin A
  9. It contains vitamins B and C and vitamin B 12 in its meat.
  10. run the digestive system
  11. Protects your skin and gives vitality to the skin
  12. regulates blood sugar
doesn’t always come to fish stalls

carp fish benefits

Flowing fish of streams are also golden

It’s carp that has stomach medicine

customer who buys fish

is a fish that is hard and lives for 1 to 2 hours from getting out of the water.

carp fish

from the delicacies that do not always decorate the fish stalls.

sometimes if it comes out abundantly from the rivers then

some customers liked fish

Customers who bought the fish would say let’s make a slice, and I would deliver it immediately.

Since it is river and river fish, its consumption is high in places where there is no sea.

small mouth species of carp
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