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The aquatic turtle that swims in the water and is a carnivore, the others have been the tall turtles

in small aquariums grown as pets and always small

in the remaining large lakes, there have been water turtles that have expanded and grown early

It is one of the characteristics of water turtles that sleep in the winter and wake up in the summer. must be well looked after

dried wolf and shrimp can be given in fruit, of course, you can give apple strawberry banana cherry greens.

lettuce parsley carrot green beans water turtles have red cheeks

take a small piece of rock in it and let them go out there and be cute and the aquarium temperature

The large aquarium should be between 25 and 30 degrees so that they can swim comfortably and be enjoyable.

It provides water in the aquarium, which is a long-lived life-sustaining aquarium and is only looked at in summer.

Change it every 1 week, in clean water, their life will be long and pleasant, they will be cute and

It is known as the small-shelled Singapore tortoise.

Aquatic turtles have their origins in Mexico and South America.

Water Turtle
water turtle, which is one of the creatures that leave itself on the water

Water Turtle

Long-lived aquatic turtles growing from 250 grams to 2 and a half kilograms

They are cute. They are among the animals that children love very much.

They live for 30 years. They have become very popular water turtles.

they can be seen in the flowing waters by the lakes

It is one of the characteristics of the freshwater turtle that loves to sunbathe and stays at home.

Of course, the turtle you are looking at cannot see the sun, so you can put a lamp on the area where it lives.

sun can be made and help to get vitamin d and the turtle can be enjoyed.

if you want it to be, of course, if it is looked at in an empty container in an empty carboy

they don’t live long, their joy is half and they can die at any moment, if they are taken care of, they will live 30 years

Water Turtle
scratching their paws against the wall to get ashore
Water Turtle
The large size of the water allows the Turtle to Expand and grow.

here is the water turtle, the sweet and red-cheeked water turtle of fresh waters.

Water Turtle
there have been aquatic turtles navigating slowly through the red-spotted water
Water Turtle
While navigating through the water, you come across the turtle

If you take it out of its container while it is being taken care of at home, it will walk away and get lost.

In this video, there are red-spotted turtles swimming in the lake, they came up to me, the cute and cute turtles

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