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The benefits and feature of cuttlefish

The cuttlefish, which is not found in every fishing bench, sprays its ink when attacked in the sea and is one of the fish that immediately escapes. It has a bag full of ink in its stomach. It has large eyes and has the ability to see 360 ​​degrees in the sea. It has 2 long arms and 10 small arms. It pulls its prey towards itself and looks like a crow’s beak. they eat fish and crustaceans with their hard teeth, cuttlefish come to the stalls between 25 cm and 55 cm, they change color in the sea and hide themselves in the sand while waiting for their prey. I cleaned it for a long time, everything was pitch black and I would wash it with plenty of water. There were customers who said that foreign countries make rice with this ink and consume it, it is very good. Of course, the meat is a little hard. It can be consumed as a grill and pan. they die

cuttlefish benefits
It catches its prey very quickly with its long arms.

cuttlefish benefits

Brings life to the heart and veins
heart protection feature
skin softens
Those who want to lose weight can consume
Gives strength to the human body
Helps strengthen muscles
The flavor sought by those who want to be calm and peaceful
good for headache
Increases intelligence
nourishes brain vessels

cuttlefish benefits
Its color is black because it is an ink

cuttlefish benefit

good for forgetfulness
One of the flavors that are good for depression
Cleanses bad cholesterol
Increases the body’s resistance
Prevents diabetes
Slows down migraine headaches
The baby shoe for those who want to be healthy
Regenerates your cells
Vitamin sought by those who want to be strong and full of energy

cuttlefish benefits
Its arms are vacuumed and it pulls its prey towards itself.


With the ink that comes out of it, it has an ink that helps you to be strong with antioxidants and iron in sweetening food, nourishes the marrow in the bones of people and causes it to be delicious and prevents cancer.

cuttlefish benefits
She has eyes like lenses

She has 12 legs and a crow-like tooth.

cuttlefish benefits
The bone comes off in one piece and is very hard
At the fish stalls, the name of the fisherman is written on the sign, and there is Fisherselim, who gives the narration on the bench.

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