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The benefits of squid come from a lot of fish stalls.

his white feet are where his head is

consumed in every country, abundant in the oceans and Turkey

In the Sea of Marmara, in the Black Sea, in the Aegean, in the Mediterranean

comes out of our seas, the rocky and grassy one in the sea

with squid, shrimp and small fish living in the regions

The squid has been fed with parcels when off season

Aegean and Mediterranean Sea has become one of the flavors that come to fish restaurants.

The most consumed squid, which is also abundant, has been the cases and fish stalls.

Of course, the squid was blackish and white when cleaned.

customers consuming squid have always been pleasant

squid benefits
Prepared in sliced ready to order

squid benefits

Containing omega 3 fatty acids
heart friendly
prevent a heart attack
Helps strengthen muscles and bones
calms the nerves
helps to lose weight
whets the appetite
keeps cholesterol in balance
gives energy and strength
keeps blood sugar balanced

squid benefits
Squid in front of you while it is being slaughtered

squid benefit

Increases intelligence
Nourish the brain
Strengthens memory
helps children become smart and strong
increases sexual potency
lowers high blood pressure
prevents bone pain
activates the immune system

squid benefits
waiting to dissolve in the pot
Kalamar faydaları
Cooked Ready to serve Ready to serve




White squid, which has around 280 to 300 varieties in the world, is very popular.

When I cleaned the squid, shrimp and crayfish came out of its stomach, then my slice

I would leave it whole and deliver it to those who want to keep my tongue whole.

In Turkey, 85% is consumed as pan, 15% is also grilled.

is happening

squid benefits
while cooking in the pot

Squid nutritional values

squid calories

Nutritive value 100 gram % log value

Calorie 296 kcal %14.8

Carbohydrate 16.4 %5.5

Fiber ratio 2.5 g %10.2

Protein 8.4 g %16.9

Oil 21.6 %33.4

Cholesterol 0.2 mg %0.1

squid benefits
in the middle of the tarator at work it was ready to go to the customer

Nutritional Value 100 grams %Daily Value

C vitamin 6.5 mg % 10.9

Vitamin A 1.7 ıu % 0.0

Potassium 136.3 mg %3.9

Calcium 37.7 %3.8

iron 0.9 mg % 4.9

squid benefits
When there were too many orders, they lined up.
squid benefits
white squid, which turns yellow when cooked, is one of the wonderful flavors.
squid benefits
Calamari in front of you with 1 and a half servings

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