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Scotch Fish Benefits And Feature

The pike fish, which is a river and lake fish, is yellow in color with a white underside

It is a fish in demand because it is not a fish that is loved for its white meat and has many bones.

sees fish with less bones customers like it I don’t bother with bones

Of course, it is in demand, living in deep places of lakes and rivers

one of the fish with high hunting ability with its very sharp teeth.

pike perch

It is a fish that reaches up to 1.20 cm in length. Its weight is

It is a pike fish that weighs up to 15 to 20 kilos.

fish that live in places where the sea is less salty

flounder, which is one of the extremely fast growing fish

fish not raised in ponds that feed on small fish and are carnivores

A freshwater fish that lives in lakes and rivers, pike perch from April to June.

They mate and lay their eggs on leaves and plants.

They lay 35 thousand to 40 thousand eggs. A fish has large eyes.

It is because it has a sharp eye on the bottoms and pikeper fish is very

it is a timid and cautious fish from Eastern Europe

spread around the world from Europe spread all over the world

The fish that do not come to the fish stalls is due to the shortage of fish.

Scotch Fish Benefits
It is not found in every fisherman because it is a freshwater fish.

Scotch Fish Benefits

Prevents Heart Attack
Protects Your Heart
Activates the immune system
gives strength
Containing omega 3 fatty acids
Helps to be smart
Helps make bones strong
fish that repair cells
Soothes and protects nerves
The pike perch, which contains the vitamins necessary for the development of children and their strength in their meat.
containing protein
Relieves blood circulation

Scotch Fish Benefits
It is a white-fleshed fish that has taken its place among the fish with white meat.

The Benefit of Codfish

Cancer Protection
Keeps the Body Vigorous
Gives Strength to the Root of the Hair
Helps skin health and make it shiny and smooth
It prevents depression
Prevents stroke
Cleanses bad cholesterol
Prevents joint pain
You will be vigorous and full of energy
Protects brain vessels

Scotch Fish Benefits
It has been one of the flavors that are fried and consumed in the pan.

flavor from the rivers, pike perch

Scotch Fish Benefits
in front of you pike fish

It is one of the fish that can be consumed as a pan and an oven, which is not grilled.

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