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Rock perch benefits and feature

Those with larger scales than the fish that sometimes come to the fish stalls

and it is a fish with white meat, grilled and sea bass, which is consumed as a pan for the last time.

It is one of the fish grown in the sea and comes to the fish stalls in boxes.

It is a white meat delicacy, one of which starts from 1,500 kg and grows up to 5 kg.

The bigger a fish is, the more delicious it is and it is consumed.

Among the fish with very few bones and little meat, the eyes of your eyes that live at the bottom of the sea

Its size is due to its resistance to the pressure at the bottom, and omega 3 in its meat.

It has olive oil and it is even better if it is made in olive oil or butter.

Rock perch benefits
from flavors with white meat

Rock perch benefits

prevent a heart attack
Adjusting the heartbeat, regular operation
Protects the immune system
prevents you from getting sick
Protects from cold flu
Regulates blood circulation
Increases intelligence, good for forgetfulness
Cleanses bad cholesterol
lowers blood pressure
Strengthens bones

Rock perch benefits
1 of them is a fish that weighs close to 3 kilos.

rock perch benefits

Prevents bones from melting
Repairs cells
Protects from depression
Reduces the risk of diabetes
Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and protects your body
Good for joint pain

Rock perch benefits
fish that is not in every fishing stall
Rock perch benefits


the big one is the fish

Rock perch benefits


the stone removed from the brain and the head of the fish

It is the video of the stones coming out of the fish’s brain fisher selim

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