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Redfish benefits and features

Its Length Starting From 30 Cm, Which Is Not Many Fish Of Marmara and Black Sea

40 cm. It is a fish reaching 1.50 and a half meters. It is seen as much of the Mediterranean Aegean Sea.


It is one of the fish from its family, the one with small scales and the scales can be removed with the help of a knife.

A Fish with a Pointed Nose and a Round Body in the Atlantic Ocean

Excess and Reproducing in the West of the Great Ocean

Fish Are Predatory Fish Are Among Fish That Are Carnivorous And White Flesh

The Sea Is A Fish That Goes Faster And Destroys Its Prey

Barracuda Fish

It is a fish that travels in flocks in the sea. It is aggressive and its teeth are a dangerous creature.

It Appears To Be A Fish That Reaches The Speed Limit Of 90 To 100 Km In The Sea As A Pan

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Fish Are Thin And Long

Sea Crane

Small fish among the combative and aggressive fish.

The Enemy Is Sea Crane Anchovy Sardines Shrimp Mussel Shellfish

The Extremely Predatory Sea

Even Big Fish If They Navigate The Sea In Herds

Attacking Fish Dirlar Grilled Oven Not Made And Highly Consumed

It’s Not a Fish If Customers See the Sea Crane at the Fish Counter, This Fish

What Kind of Fish He Says Is Not Marmara Fish Sir Aegean Mediterranean Fish

My Skin Will Be Pan, Grill Oven Will Be A Little Bland, If Oven Will Be Done, Tomatoes

Pepper Onion Garlic Black Pepper Red Pepper Flavor Should Be Increased A Little

Even If There Is Fish That Doesn’t Always Come To The Stalls
Shrimp, a fast-moving fish in the sea

predatory fish ribcage is dangerous fish

Carnivores are fish
The Hunter Is A Fish It Feeds On Small Fish
How Sharp His Teeth Are Shown In The Picture

Between 90 km and 100 km of Fish at Sea Speed

Fish with Extremely Sharp Teeth

Names Sea Crane Redfish Barracuda Fish

The Oceans Are Fish That Find 2.50 and a Half Meters

It hunts in the deep parts of the sea

Breeding Months April May June July August September Also Occurs

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