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Blowfish Harms and Features

Fish That Doesn’t Come To The Stalls And Never Fishermen

On behalf of Tetradotoxin in the Liver, Intestine and Skin of the pufferfish

It Has Been Determined To Have Poison This Poisonous Fish Should Not Be Eaten

There are masters from the Far East who know this fish and cook it, so in Japan

Fish That Everyone Avoids Because It Is Very Poisonous

You Throw Your Fishing Line Into The Sea, It Is The Fish That Has Teeth That Can Break Even The Line Blowfish

His fishing rod is special, protect yourself from his teeth. he has very strong teeth.

Puffer fish
Fish Known as Lagocephalus Sceleratus, Real Nam

Puffer fish

Blowfish Proven To Be Toxic, One Of The Fish Of The Red Sea, Around The World

Aegean Region And Mediterranean And Iskenderun Coastal Region From Turkey Ye Suez Canal

Living at the Bottom of the Sea in Places Full of Seaweed Settled Lives in Seas with Abundant Sun

He Wears Sunglasses at Sea When It’s Too Hot. The Lenses In His Eyes Protect His Eyes From The Heat.

With the fish that live at the bottom of the sea and eat the fish where they live, and the small fish that consume their eggs.

Feeds Inhabitants Japan Australia East Africa Indian Ocean And Red Sea Also Abundant

With Saw-like Teeth, 1 Bottom and 1 Top Tooth, And Its Jaw Is Very Strong.

Blowfish Frog Fish That Inflates Immediately When The Owner Is Attacked As A Puffer Fish

Named Fish That Lays Around 10 Thousand To 20 Thousand Eggs In The Sea And Is No Longer Appearing In Our Seas.

It started and became a dangerous blowfish because it is poisonous. It is a fish with a white belly and a stomach like sandpaper.

There Are Thorns

Puffer fish
If a fish has big eyes, it is because it travels at the bottom of the sea.

blowfish poisonous

Blowfish Destroying Fishermen’s Nets, Consuming Fish and Breaking Nets

I Can Tell Fishermen Don’t Like A Fish That Is Poisonous

It Is Fish That Dries The Sea It Is Known To Consume Fish In The Sea

Puffer fish
Kendini Dikenleriyle Koruma Altına Alan Balıktır
Puffer fish
A Fish That Protects Itself With Its Thorns
Puffer fish
It is the fish made by the Far East. The Balloon Fish in Japan is More Poisonous

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