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The Adventure That Begins By Going To The Fisherman’s Hall, Buying The Fish, Arranging The Fish On The Counter

Fisherman’s Job Done While It Rains In Winter And Frost Storm

Cleaning the Fish Bought by the Customer, Packing and Delivering the Fish

Transport to the Fish Cabinet, According to the request, the Fish Ordered, Cooked or Raw Order Delivery

Fisherman Is The Fisherman In Front Of The Counter Here Sir Fish Here Health Is Here

These are fresh, they are alive, they are bloody, they are medicine, these fish are how many kilos Sir, lose 2 kilos, 3 kilos

Helps the Customer Immediately, Who Says Can You Give It, Tartar His Fish, Gives The Freshest

And the customer comes and goes

It multiplies and sells good fish and fresh fish, now it has made a name in fishing and everyone’s

It Has Provided Confidence And It Has Been A Place Where Everyone Consumes Fish

It’s Necessary to Be a Smiling Fisherman When Cleaning a Fisherman’s Fish

your fisherman

If you are a fisherman and every time you come, you want 1 sea bream, cooked and served.

You Wait For It To Come And You Want Salad With It, You Come And Consume It

And you come to yourself, your fisherman now welcomes you every time you come and

Says Welcome, Says Which Fish to Make, and Goes to Cook Immediately

It Does Its Best To Satisfy The Customer, Opens The Service, Enjoy

Says Sir, Comes Again, Says Goodbye, and Makes His Customer Passenger

Those Who Don’t Like Fish Can’t Be Fishermen

Your fisherman Selim

Selim Hale, the fisherman who has been messing around with fish for many years, is going to go and buy fish.

From hitting fish on the counter and selling and cleaning and cooking and

I Have Done Fish Work For Many Years Until I Was a Waitress, The Job That Everyone Dislikes For 13 Years

I Did Fish Fishing I Wandered Between 15 And 16 Fish Stalls Something In Each One

I Learned From Morning To Evening Without Cleaning The Fish

From Transport to Cooking Fish as a Grill Pan and Making Fish Soup

I Walked With Fish For A Long Time Until I Was Waitress Fish Now From Beginning To End

It Was A Profession I Learned. Even It Was Not Easy To Come To These Days, I Came With Best Regards

While Fishing Bread, Your Fisherman Selim Became the Doctor of the Fishes
Here Comes Your Fisherman Selim
Balıkçınız Selim
Waitress in Fishing and Here You Go Sir, Medicines And Fish Are Here When We Say Welcome

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