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Allah’s writing came out of the artichoke

I had decided to peel and sell artichokes and now I was saying how to peel and sell artichokes.

I wanted to make it. Summer came. It was May. Artichoke to my old working place.

There was Hasan Abi who brought me, I said can you bring me 500 artichokes, I spoke on the phone

He said ok and I started the artichoke business, I was buying 500 to 300 a week and selling them.

peels and packs according to the customer’s request, takes orders for those who want 4 and 5

I was sending 100 people were asking for 80 they were delivering, everyone is satisfied

I tried so hard to make it happen and I have reached this day.

For a long time, I peeled and sold artichokes, I struggled to prevent people from getting sick. Here is our counter.

Artichoke SAY GOD

Another summer, I was doing my artichoke strain and getting ready.

The crowd was buying artichokes, who knew their benefits and had high purchasing power.

Of course, it is known that it is sold in places where it is sold.

It had become a vegetable and those who knew its benefits were always taking its green leaves.

I peeled the artichoke and while I was preparing it to leave it in the water so that it would not turn black, I looked at it.

The white one has Arabic Allah writing on the back, so I took a picture of it and posted it on my site.

I published it, of course, there are people who don’t believe, here are the images, artichoke saying Allah

Here is a liver remedy that is a meaty artichoke with Bayrampasa seeds and says, “God,”

Artichoke that says GOD

It was an artichoke that the most beloved of vegetables never stopped consuming.

Artichoke, which is meaty and honeyed, is one of the many benefits that everyone loves and consumes.

consumption also played a role, and those who cook and consume twice a week

I have never heard from any customer that it is a very harmful vegetable.

on the contrary, my liver was greasy, I boiled it, I consumed it, I regained my bad cholesterol

I ate 2 times a day, I cleared cholesterol and gave strength to my body.

It is the king and wonder of vegetables, where there are many people who say that it made me full.

And the artichoke saying Allah is in Arabic, I peeled so many artichokes in its meat.

God’s writing was an event that made me very happy, thank God

Consume plenty of liver mate and come to yourselves and say Allah Allah

If the word “Allah” comes out of a vegetable, it is because you are the king of vegetables.

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